Local Church Missions

Our Philosophy:

Local Church Missions is an outreach of Tabernacle FWB Church. It is a biblical based missions organization that joins local churches directly with works on the field and ensures that 100% of the supporting funds get to the field.

Rather than having a missions organization come between the sending church and the mission point, Local Church Missions encourages (where possible and practical) the direct communications and support of local New Testament churches with mission points on the field.

As mission works are taken on by local New Testament churches, Local Church Missions provides field contact and distribution of funds at no charge to the supporting church. Other services are also provided to the sending church so that they can be assured that the support money is being spent wisely, the work is growing, and most importantly that souls are being saved and people are being discipled for Jesus.

Our Goal:

The end goal for Local Church Missions is to actually work ourselves out of the picture where ever possible and practical.

The supporting church and the mission point are encouraged to grow together with Godís leading and blessing so that the system can continually be reproduced.  By working its way out of these relationships (when possible) Local Church Missions is able to scout and partner churches with new works that need support.


On the Field:
Local Church Missions is actively involved in Eastern Europe in the countries of Moldova and Ukraine and with Godís blessing and leading will push into Northern Ukraine and Western Russia.  Currently in Moldova and Ukraine, Local Church Missions is supporting and employing only national missionaries which means the American mission dollar can go farther for God. The desire is to see more locals called out of the mission points and established national churches to go forward and start new works in neighboring villages.

Your Opportunity:

There are several support options available for small to large churches.  The average mission point can be supported for around $300 per month.  This means a local New Testament church can provide 100% of the support needed by a single mission point for less than the average electrical bill!

Supporting a work at 100% accomplishes multiple goals.  It not only fulfills the great commission but it does it in a way that people can get excited because of personal involvement in a work on the field.  We have supporting pastors that visit the field with members of their congregation and are able to see and meet the people that their support is impacting.  This is a sure way to fire up any church for mission work and seeing souls saved not only on the field but at home also.

There are currently several points that are in need of support.  If your church has a heart for souls, and wants to see your mission dollar go farther, contact Tabernacle FWB Church and Local Church Missions.

Thank You,

Tabernacle Free Will Baptist Church

 Matthew 28:19 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:"